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Types Of Cooking Oil

types of cooking oil

    cooking oil
  • Cooking oil is purified fat of plant origin, which is usually liquid at room temperature (saturated oils such as coconut and palm are more solid at room temperature than other oils).

  • any of numerous vegetable oils used in cooking

  • Instead of coffee, Neelix pours Paris a steaming cup of cooking oil by mistake. (Waking Moments)

    types of
  • Representative Index

Oil shop on the corner

Oil shop on the corner

This shop sells cooking oil of all verietys.

This was taken with a home made matchbox pinhole camera.

Bien Hoa is a city in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, about 20 miles (32 km) (30 kilometers) east of Saigon, to which Bien Hoa is linked by Vietnam Highway 1. In 1989 the estimated population was over 300,000. And now in 2005, population increased to 541,495, and some estimates show that the city has 604,548 people in 2007
Bien Hoa grew into a major suburb of Saigon (later renamed Ho Chi Minh City) as the capital city of South Vietnam grew. Following the First Indochina War, tens of thousands of refugees from the northern and central regions of Vietnam—a large portion of them Roman Catholics—resettled in Bien Hoa as part of Operation Passage to Freedom.
During the Vietnam War, the United States Air Force operated Bien Hoa Air Base near the city. Nonetheless, a significant number of the city's residents sympathized with, or were members of, the Viet Cong. Mortar attacks on U.S. and ARVN targets were frequently staged from residential districts in Bien Hoa.
With regard to entertainment, the city includes several amusement parks, night clubs and restaurants lining the Dong Nai River. Construction has increased rapidly (with many Western-style houses and villas under development), and the real estate market has experienced a series of boom cycles since the mid-1990s. The retail market still includes the many ad hoc bazaar-type markets and shop-fronts common to most of Vietnam, but now also includes air-conditioned, enclosed shopping malls, one of which, a Big C branch, includes a KFC restaurant, a Western-style grocery store, a bowling alley and video arcade, among others.




I cooked for everyone tonight. Who knows what the hell I made. A deviation of Chicken Parmesan I suppose?

1) Bottom layer is sliced potatoes with olive oil, garlic, and ginger
2) Next was a layer of Gouda cheese, with red onion and green peppers
3) Cooked in oven at 375?F for about 10 - 15 minutes, until cheese just began melting
4) Grilled chicken breasts were added on top of the two layers(4), and a can of sauce (italian sausage meat sauce in our case. It was all we had) was then poured in
5) Another layer of cheese (Gouda/Parmesan) was added to the top, followed by diced red onion and green peppers, with thin slices of tomatoes.
6) Back in the oven it goes Bumping the heat up to 425?F and cooking for another 20 minutes.

types of cooking oil

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